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HBD Standard New Flat Package

Check out our beautifully designed and functional kitchens.

Interior Designing & Services Includes :

  • Design concept consultation
  • Space planning & layout plan proposal
  • Perspective drawings proposal
  • Materials & colour scheme proposal

Wet Works:

  • Supply & lay polish homogeneous floor tiles w/skirting at living & dining hall
  • Supply & lay polish homogeneous floor tiles w/skirting for bedrooms floor
  • Supply & lay polish homogeneous floor tiles w/skirting for household shelter
  • Construct 50mm cabinet base
  • Construct 50mm fridge base
  • Construct 50mm washing machine base
  • Construct 50mm shower kerb at 2 toilets

Plumbing Works:

  • Supply labour to install instant heater for 2 toilets
  • Supply labour to install kitchen sink
  • Supply labour to install new outlet pipe for kitchen sink & washing machine
  • Supply labour to install bathroom accessories for both toilets

Ceiling Works:

  • Supply & construct false ceiling cum L box at living & dining hall
  • Supply & construct false ceiling at bedroom entrance area and foyer area

Painting Works:

  • Supply & paint whole house wall & ceiling with ICI/Nippon emulsion paint
  • Supply & paint all doors, door frame, pipes and gate with gloss finish paint

Aluminium Works:

  • Supply & install aluminium sliding shower screen for master toilet

Carpentry Works:

  • Construct & install 20ft length top & bottom kitchen cabinet in laminate finish c/w laminated door in ABS trimming, 1 chest of drawes, 10 ft solid surface top

Miscellaneous Works:

  • Supply & lay protection covering for whole house floor finish
  • provide chemical washing for whole house flooring
HBD 4 Room Flat Package $12,888.00
HBD 5 Room Flat Package $14,888.00